Autani Delivers Open, Integrated Controls Solutions

May 4 [addtoany]

Now in its third year in the Internet of Things pavilion at Lightfair, the world’s largest trade show devoted to lighting products, Autani continues to deliver a non-proprietary network lighting controls system that operates securely with a host of lighting manufacturers’ and HVAC manufacturers’ products as well as providing the ability to integrate a host of other sensors into a single software platform depending upon the consumer’s needs.  Typical controls purchase justifications turn on return on investment based upon energy savings, but Autani provides more than simply the standard 43% energy reduction through Autani’s intelligent data collection methodologies that are captured in Autani’s EnergyCenter software system. In the face of ongoing pricing pressures driven by the reduction in LED lighting costs, Autani responds with solutions that are priced competitively and deliver not just value, but also flexibility so a facility owner can select the lighting products that it wants without being locked into a single-manufacturer’s proprietary system.  Later, the consumer can mix and match different manufacturer’s fixtures as the business changes over time.  Avoiding the risk of being locked into a single manufacturer has obvious long-term pricing values.

With its suite of hardware products, Autani provides the flexibility needed to plan for the long-term through a combination of zone and fixture level controls for interior and exterior spaces.  Future proofing is made easy through the ability to deliver over the air updates to system components long after installers have left.  Vendors with the ability to provide both zonal and fixture levels of control provide clients with long-term flexibility.  As important is Autani’s ability to work seamlessly with other building management systems through Autani’s BACnet capabilities. Rare in the industry is true push and pull capability for data over BACnet.  The strength of Autani’s transceivers coupled with this BACnet capability is why Autani has been successful with large node implementations involving 10,000+ fixtures.

Finally, the topic that no IoT vendor wants to touch is data privacy.  Through its on-premise solution, Autani has solved for the data breaches and system outages that are increasingly common for cloud-based providers. Autani’s on-premises solution both encapsulates the risk of data breach and provides a controlled means of segregating data to protect it from hackers.