Better Light for Better Life – Aleddra Generation G6 Dual-Mode LED T8

January 16, 2019 [addtoany]




The Safest LED T8 Retrofit Tube Ever!

Aleddra, a Seattle-based high-tech company, announces today it is pushing the technology envelope of LED retrofit tubes once again with its new G6 (Generation 6) dual-mode SureFit® LED T8 retrofit tube. The G6 full-glass T8 tube comes with dual safety switches on both end caps, which had been documented by a federal agency to be the most effective means of electric shock protection for an LED T8 tube. The G6 tube also incorporates a patented technology that prevents internal arcing, while minimizing the risk of external arcing when used with a ballast. The shatter-proof coating that has been applied to the G6 tube, adds an additional layer of protection against breakage for both the installer and the end user. Like the previous model, the G6 tube is both Type A / Type B with two UL certificates, one for ballast operation and the other for line voltage operation.

Highlights of the G6 SureFit® LED retrofit tube:

  • Glass tube with shatter-proof PET coating
  • Anti-arcing technology
  • Anti-electric shock safety switches
  • UL certified for Type A operation with ballast (OOLV #E479597)
  • UL certified for Type B operation with line voltage (IFAR #325073)
  • Double-end wired on AC (reduces retrofit labor cost by 50%)
  • Works with shunted and non-shunted sockets (no need to replace sockets)
  • Flicker-free universal driver (110V-277V)
  • High efficacy > 135 LM/W
  • Wide color selection: 30K, 35K, 40K, 50K, and 60K
  • DLC 4.4 (pending)

Demonstration video link:

Aleddra once again raises the bar for LED T8 retrofit safety standards.  With new and competitive pricing structures, combined with our enhanced patented technology, customers no longer have to choose between safety and affordability.  The new Aleddra G6 dual-mode SureFit® LED T8 now offers both. This is part of Aleddra’s corporate promise on “Better Light for Better Life”.

Click here to download the cutsheet. For more information, please email or call us at 425-430-4555.