CAO Lighting Sues Signify for Patent Infringement

CAO Lighting has sued Signify for patent infringement. The patent in question is the ‘961 patent, titled “Semiconductor Light Source using a Heat Sink with a Plurality of Panels,” owned by CAO Lighting. CAO Lighting alleges that Signify sold or imported products in the United States that infringed upon this patent. The accused products are various LED lamps and tubes, including incandescent replacement lamps, fluorescent replacement lamps, and HID replacement lamps. In addition, various indoor and outdoor LED luminaires, including industrial HID and fluorescent replacement luminaires, utility luminaires, outdoor luminaires, recessed downlights, and troffers are also accused products. CAO Lighting requests that judgement be rendered in its favor by declaring that Signify willfully infringed upon the ‘961 patent and receive sufficient compensation for infringement, damages, and all costs and expenses of this action.

The docket for this complaint can be viewed here.

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