Chris Stockton Replaces Tim Rooney as Vice President, Sales, Commercial Markets at Hubbell Lighting

April 13 [addtoany]

EdisonReport has learned that Chris Stockton has been named Vice President, Sales, Commercial Markets for Hubbell Lighting. Chris will oversee all of the  C&I Sales, as well as National Accounts, Security, and International Markets. He will report to Kevin Poyck, Group President, Hubbell Lighting.

Chris will be assuming the position from Tim Rooney, who was named V.P of Strategic Accounts  for CED.  He will also serve as Hubbell’s representatives to key national and international accounts. His strong experience in the channel and distribution markets will be a significant asset.

Chris joined Hubbell in March 2010 and has held various sales leadership positions including most recently, V.P. of National Accounts and Strategic Markets. Chris has held senior sales management roles at Grainger and GE Lighting Systems.

I had an opportunity to briefly catch up with Chris and asked him about his new role. He said his primary goals is to help Hubbell’s agents grow their business. He plans to accomplish this by developing a culture of partnership that is rooted in flexibility and support. Chris told me, “We’re the conglomerate that supports independence. The path to ‘yes’ is through empowerment, thinking progressively and operating creatively while working towards a common goal.”

Chris also explained the importances of writing  specifications, “The mutual growth will come by identifying precise opportunities that are aligned with our strengths.” He added that Hubbell will capitalize on the digitization of its product assets to give not only agents, but distributors as well, an added boost that will contribute to sales momentum and establish Hubbell as the easiest lighting company to do business with.

We concluded with a brief discussion about lighting controls and Chris alluded to the new offerings available from Hubbell Control Solutions. He sees deeper controls integration as one of those paths to mutually-beneficial growth, noting, “It’s more than just selling the end-user on the ability to control the fixture but the most efficient control solution that performs as advertised will determine the winners.” He was adamant that HCS was crucial to Hubbell’s strategy.