Eaton Lights up National Championship Game as well as Next Three Superbowls

January 12 [addtoany]

Your humble editor had the opportunity to attend this year’s College Playoff National Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz stadium.  The game may be considered as one of the best championship games of all time–and we rank the lighting just as high.

While I have been fortunate to attend several championship games, I have never seen better lighting.  Congratulations to Eaton as the stadium was lit with their Ephesus luminaires, a prior EdisonReport Top 10 MUST SEE Product at LIGHTFAIR.

Before kickoff, the flag was brought out, which covered most of the field.

As Zac Brown began the National Anthem, the lights immediately were extinguished and the entire field was bathed in blue.

After the National Anthem, the stadium was quickly back to 100% and the uniformity during the ramp up was stunning.  It was as if someone was just turning up a big knob which created a magnificent display of light.  No lamps sputtered or came on individually, and obviously there was no color shift.  Once the game started, the light levels evenly lit the field and there was almost no shadowing.

Eaton also gets credit for the parking garage as well as the corridors.  In addition, Eaton will light the next three Super Bowls and you can read about that here.

Roll Tide, ya’ll!