Echelon’s New Owner to Shut Down Echelon Lighting Solutions

March 11 [addtoany]

Adesto Technologies, a publicly traded company, completed its acquisition of Echelon on 18 SEP 2018.  Today we learn that Adesto is shutting down the Echelon Lighting Solutions business.  Your humble editor caught up with a spokesman for the company, who confirmed our story and said, “Adesto  is committed to meeting the sales and service contracts that are outstanding and working with each of their customers to make sure they reach their desired outcome.”

Dear Customers and Partners,

We are writing to notify you that Adesto will be shutting down the Echelon Lighting Solutions business which includes its Lumewave RF and hybrid products, LumInsight CMS solutions, and CPD3000/CLP4000 power line controllers on March 29, 2019.

Since the September acquisition of Echelon by Adesto, we have been trying to find a new home for that business. We recently announced that we had signed an agreement for the sale of that business and the closure of that deal was pending shareholder approval by the buyer. Unfortunately, the deal fell through and we are closing this business unit and product line.

As such, you will need to complete all professional services engagements before March 29th. After that time, we will no longer be able to provide assistance. However, we do intend to honor all existing warranties and contractual commitments. Also, if you would like to purchase additional inventory, we can offer our Lighting Solutions products remaining in inventory prior to March 29th.

We thank you for your past business and support and wish you all the best for your continued success. Please let us know if we can answer any questions.

Please contact the following individuals for further inquiries:

Brent Humphrey at with any sales-related inquiries
Rebecca Edwards at with any service-related questions.


Chris Jodoin
Vice President & General Manager
Embedded Systems Division
Adesto Technologies Corp.

Andy Lovit
Vice President of Worldwide Sales
Embedded Systems Division
Adesto Technologies Corp.