Energy Solutions International Q1 2018 Expansion Update: “Innovating, Moving Fast, and Keeping Promises!”

March 21 [addtoany]

Energy Solutions International began the year with an aggressive national growth campaign and a new channel strategy driven by a strategic partnership philosophy. Success to follow would be based on our ability to leverage our unique value proposition — our American Made BAA rated LED kits and fixtures, an “IoT-Ready” platform centered around our controls-first mindset and support, and a promise from the product development engineering team to innovate and release one new product per quarter.  Our entire team was ready and primed to take the industry by storm!

Q1 has definitely set the bar for our Q2 efforts:   We have solidified 7 new controls partnerships, expanded our sales force and marketing team, added agents for national and pin-point territorial targeting efforts, added a new stocking and rebate program for our distributor partners, expanded into the “cloud-based” sales arena, and have added a finance option allowing our customers an opportunity to close deals and bridge the gap between PO and payment. We are thinking outside the box — innovating and opening doors in creative ways while moving at the speed of light!

Our engineering team went above and beyond the promise in Q1 releasing variations and upgrades to two of our popular categories while also adding 2 new architectural products for a total of 9 new product releases. ESI has always offered the highest quality in our kits and fixtures, and now we are adding an architectural edge and specification grade touch to open new doors and provide value to new architectural opportunities – our roadmap will blow you away!

Mark Tastad — VP of Engineering leads our product development team and is really proud of the direction product development has taken, “product innovation, in response to customer needs, has always been a top priority at Energy Solutions. This year has been incredibly productive because we are now incorporating a direct feedback loop of market research from our national sales team. This feedback brings a new focus to our efforts and streamlines our development roadmap. These are really exciting times and I can’t wait to see what’s yet to come!”

The following products have been released and are now available for specification on our website ( – Links to each below:

  • CE Gold LED High Flux Architectural Strip Kit – Click Here
  • CE Gold LED Architectural Strip Fixture – Click Here
  • CE Gold LED Stairwell and Passageway Fixture – Click Here
  • LX Gold 2×2 LED Troffer – Click Here
  • LX Gold 2×4 LED Troffer & Kit – Click Here
  • LX Silver 2×2 / 2×4 / 1×4 LED Troffer Kit & Fixture – Click Here
  • LX Gold Color tuning 2×2 / 2×4 / 1×4 LED Troffer Kit & Fixture – Click Here
  • MT Gold Architectural Narrow Channel LED Strip Fixture and Kit – Click Here
  • GX Gold Architectural LED Strip Retrofit Kit & Fixture – Click Here

Our partnership program has also come together, and our controls-first philosophy and message is clear and fully operational. We are proud to offer several levels of control – no matter what the need, we have the solution!

We offer and support three levels of controls:

  • Standalone – Individual controls functions operating independently (no network capability)
  • IoT-Ready – A way to future-proof your project and prepare for an “IoT-Future”
  • The Total Solution – Fully networked software solution – capable of controlling multi-measure and multi-facility-management enterprises – “The IoT-Future Is Here!”

The true power that networked controls companies provide has yet to be fully implemented or even realized. Dimming and basic on/off control functionality drives today’s integration opportunities – but that is a very simplified and small percentage of the true functionality that controls have the capability to provide. Demand Response, metering, heat signature tracking, monitoring, alerts, security, active shooter pathway guidance — the list goes on. The Internet of Things is the future and only our imaginations can place boundaries on the information and operations that an “IoT-Ready” platform can provide. It’s an investment that all business owners need to understand, providing measurable value in equity, saving, and efficiencies — we can help define that message.

Our controls partners are dedicated to simplifying the design and deployment process to make the specification and implementation of all levels of controls a positive and successful experience for all involved. This is made possible because ESI believes in being the central point of contact and making sure that our clients are never left to navigate the process alone. Whether a simple standalone or a larger scale enterprise application are in play, ESI is your total lighting and controls resource for the 21st Century!

We are proud to announce the following partnerships within the categories mentioned above:

  • MAGNUMThe Total Solution
  • AUTANIThe Total Solution
  • DAINTREEThe Total Solution
  • LGIoT-Ready
  • ENOCEANIoT-Ready
  • PHILIPSIoT-Ready
  • LEGRANDStandalone

It’s no secret that there is complexity in the level of controls mentioned above. Devon Anderson, ESI’s VP of Sales & Channels, has always said, “If you are not solving problems, then you must not be selling controls!” Controls opportunities always present challenges, but we must not be afraid of them.  The key is not the controls avenue being implemented, the key is the team that implements and guides the process – and we bring the best team to the game in the industry!  Not only is our sales team versed in controls and controls applications (currently in the process of becoming CLCP certified through LCA), but we are also partnered with the industry leading commissioning team Greenlight IoT.

Should a total solution be required, we have you covered from A to Z!  Communication with facilities management on the front-end of any networked opportunity can make or break the job – they are the gatekeepers and if we do not get their approval, the project will not move forward!  Beyond the intro, we make sure the installers are prepared, informed, and walked through the installation process – collaboration and communication being our highest priority. The deployment process includes scheduling designs, incorporation of unique and intricate needs within the system, the commissioning process itself, and finally the ongoing support that is always needed to maximize any software play being used – all of this is handled by ESI in collaboration with its total partnership team!  Do not be afraid to walk the new frontier – we are here to help you and make it easy in the process! Ask your sales associate how to leverage our unique value proposition – you are not alone!

To assist in our national growth strategy, ESI has also expanded its salesforce and marketing efforts.  We have added the following agents and are strategically using them within our unique channel strategy:

  • LFE / LFD – Lighting for ESCOs – National ESCO Channel
  • RETROLUX – National Cloud-Based-Channel
  • C & S SALES – WA & OR
  • WTQEL – TX

And each of these channel avenues are supported equally by our sales force:

And all are supported by our new Marketing Manager, hired in January to help improve our collateral and drive our brand within our National Sales and Marketing efforts, and our amazing customer support staff without whom none of what we are trying to accomplish would be possible:

As a reminder — ESI will be at the following events, and Devon Anderson will be speaking at several locations:

  • GLOBALCON              – Boston, MA — (Booth #215)
  • NALMCO                    – Louisville, KY – Spring conference (Speaking)
  • LIGHTFAIR                – Chicago, IL — (Booth #843)
  • WEST COAST EMC    — (Seattle, WA) – (speaking)
  • WEEC                          – Charlotte, NC – (Speaking)
  • NALMCO                    – ChampionsGate, FL — Fall Event – (booth #TBD)
  • NAESCO                      – ChampionsGate, FL — (possible booth)

Honorable Mention:  We are now also partnered with IM Supply, providing support for their National Accounts efforts with distribution partners around the country, and plan to be up and available for purchase on LED Supply’s e-commerce website by month’s end. These are exciting times!

Q1 has seen rapid growth in the area of “New Business Opportunities” for ESI. We are moving fast, and Q2 is just around the corner.  Keep your eyes on Energy Solutions International and no matter what your need – LED retrofit kits or fixtures, American Made BAA ratings, unique customized solutions for unusual applications or environments, a stocking and rebate program for long-term savings, or a controls-need based in simplicity, growth, or the total solution – turn to ESI – “We do it Right!”

See you soon!


Contact: Devon P. Anderson – VP of Sales/Channels (