IES’s Global Footprint

August 8, 2019 [addtoany]

If you had any doubts about the global presence of IES, you would have learned a lot today at the Annual Conference in Louisville.  One of the closed sessions  (not sure why it was closed) was the  Global Lighting Summit with representatives from lighting societies in Japan, Brazil, India and Australia.   IES shared best practices and synergies to the other organizations.  CIE did not attend last year or this year.

The IES membership is growing and they have members from 68 different countries.

At the 46th Annual IES Illumination Awards, there were 18 awards given: 10 from the U.S., and the remaining awards went to jobs in Moscow, Montreal, Paris, Maccau, Kiev, Dubai, Shanghai, and Kyoto.

In your humble editor’s 20 years of covering the Society, it is the largest emphasis I recall on the Global market.