Indy LED ChromaControl Luminaires Provide Specifiers with Tunable White, Color Tuning and Black Body Dimming to Optimize Lighting Design

DES PLAINES, Ill. — April 23, 2013 — Juno Lighting Group®, a leader in high-quality, innovative commercial and residential lighting solutions, today announced the new Indy™ LED ChromaControl™ luminaires equipped with tunable white, color tuning and black body dimming technologies. Powered with an advanced light engine, the Indy LED ChromaControl luminaires employ broad spectrum LEDs to produce exceptionally high quality white light while enabling specifiers to custom-tune the delivered light color to enhance or complement commercial settings such as restaurants, hotels, medical offices, museums, retail spaces and office environments.

The new Indy ChromaControl tunable white and color tuning technology enables specifiers to change and adapt the lighting color (CCT) during the commissioning process from 4000K to 1600K. The technology also allows for changes to the hue and saturation to anywhere on the chromaticity diagram to optimize the lighting design for the final space. The CT-Series allows specifiers to change color temperatures or color saturation and hue of a single or group of luminaires via a remote device. This device also allows for quick duplication and application of the same settings for other Indy LED ChromaControl tunable luminaires within a two SDCM for fixture-to-fixture color consistency.

In addition to white and color tuning technologies, the Indy LED ChromaControl black body dimming is a commercial specification-grade technology that warms as it dims, following the black body curve from 3000K to 1800K. The component mimics halogen dimming, offering a soft, natural, and warm glow while providing significant energy savings and a longer lamp life. The BBD-Series luminaires perfectly simulate the warmth and atmosphere of halogen dimming, staying within one SDCM of the Black Body Locus.

With these two technologies, the Indy LED ChromaControl luminaires enable exceptional, high quality white light with no perceivable color variation from fixture-to-fixture. The color rendering index (CRI) and R9 values range from 91-98 throughout the color and dimming range, and a closed loop control system ensures perfectly mixed white light on the Planckian Curve while maintaining a consistent color temperature throughout the life of the LED module. They also feature excellent color consistency within a two-step MacAdam Ellipse and are at least three times more efficient than halogen fixtures. The luminaires also offer distinctive features and options which include:

  • Parabolic or hyperbolic reflectors: The patent-pending Indy hyperbolic reflectors dramatically reduce aperture brightness for a virtually “silent” ceiling appearance
  • An optional patent-pending Lumen Depreciation Indicator (LDI) that informs maintenance personnel prior to the delivered lumens dropping below 70 percent
  • 4-, 6-, and 8-inch round downlight and wall wash configurations, with either medium or wide light distribution patterns
  • New construction, remodel and retrofit installation versions
  • A five year warranty

The new Indy LED ChromaControl luminaires are available through Juno Lighting Group channel partners. For more information, please visit


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