Led Are Us Lights up Miami Skyline for the Big Game

February 4, 2020 [addtoany]

Led are Us, a Miami based project management LED lighting distributor, has offered turnkey solutions to its nationwide customers for the last decade. After being approached by the management team of the prominent Vizcayne Towers in downtown Miami to bring their lackluster pinnacle lighting into 2020, Led Are Us turned to Luminoso LED Lighting to provide a solution that would welcome and thrill the droves of visitors pouring into the city for the Big Game. Luminoso met every expectation with the first unveiling of their Sagoma Luci Series. The buildings’ pinnacles are now color changing eye candy in the Miami skyline,

The Sagoma Luci series is an architectural grade, pixel addressable RGBW LED neon flex. It is controlled by a low voltage system, and utilizes a built-in constant current circuit board, which allows for even illumination while minimizing voltage drop. Its high-grade silicon sleeve provides protection against UV, solvents, and high salinity areas and is available in either vertical or horizontal bending configurations.

Because of Sunday’s game, the unique scenes for this installation include flags, waves, and welcome banners; however, the scenery design options are limitless for any customer’s application.

For more information on Led Are Us, please visit www.LedAreUs.com.
For more information on Luminoso, please visit www.LuminosoLed.com and Luminoso’s new series, www.SagomaLuci.com. For additional product information, please email info@luminosoled.com.