Lux Live, the LED Show and LIGHTFAIR Under One Management?

June 27 [addtoany]

On 3 APR EdisonReport ran a story that Blackstone was close to acquiring PennWell. On 4 APR, we published the press release confirming the story. Clarion was the named buyer, but they are owned by funds managed by Blackstone. PennWell owns LuxLive, Lux Review, LEDs Magazine, Strategies in Light and the LED Show.

On 26 JUN, EdisonReport reported that AMC, one of the co-owners of LIGHTFAIR had been acquired by International Market Centers—also backed by Blackstone. Although it is unclear if LIGHTFAIR was part of that deal. (See article below)

Theoretically, LuxLive and LIGHTFAIR could end up under the same management team. If Blackstone is the ultimate money behind LIGHTFAIR and PennWell, why keep redundant offices managing the same set of customers? Perhaps this is why LIGHTFAIR management won’t comment on whether LIGHTFAIR was part of the sale to IMC, backed by Blackstone.