The Current Status of GE: What We Know

The WSJ article quotes Maryrose Sylvester, the CEO and President of  Current, but does not quote Bill Lacey, the President and CEO of GE Lighting as the deal does not include the Consumer side of the business, which GE is still trying to sell…


Official Press Release



RAB Exits Canada

After a decade of creating affordable, energy-efficient LED Lighting exclusively for the electrical distributors of Canada, RAB Lighting Inc. (using the brand RC Lighting) has decided to exit the Canadian marketplace…Read More



Notes on Hong Kong Lighting Fair

The show was packed. The exhibition space was full and Westerners were in full attendance…Read More



Paul Tarricone Visits Bridges in Light 15 Years Later

After the conference, an industry observer wrote, “There’s trouble in River City: commoditization, shrinking profit margins and a general lack of understanding among end users about the value of lighting were identified as the culprits.”

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Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Decimates 3 Lighting Science U.S. Patents

Forty two out of fifty one claims were formally “cancelled” across the three patents by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office….Read More