Acuity Announces 2nd Price Increase

EXCLUSIVE—MUST CREDIT EDISONREPORT. EdisonReport can confirm that Acuity Brands has announced their second price increase of the year. The first one was at LIGHTFAIR and there may be a third one later this year—once the tariff situation plays out.

Our source explained that the increase is effective in September. Acuity attributes the increase to higher commodity prices.

EdisonReport has heard speculation that two other tier one luminaire manufacturers will be announcing soon.



Lumileds Wins $66M Suit Against Chinese Theft

On August 10, 2018, a jury of six men and six women rendered a verdict in favor of Lumileds, finding that a Chinese competitor stole trade secrets related to Lumileds core technology for making high power LEDs used in flash phones, automotive…

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EnviroBrite Closes

EXCLUSIVE.   MUST CREDIT EDISONREPORT.  EdisonReport can confirm that Envirobrite has closed their doors as of 13 AUG 2018.  In a letter to employees, CEO Mike Brennan explains they are shutting down operations due to financial reasons.  This closure comes on top of closures of similar sized companies SLV, and Kobi. EdisonReport knows of two other companies that are on the brink and may close 4th quarter.

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IES Annual Conference:  Attendance up 15%

IES was an excellent Annual Conference, and Boston proved to be a great venue. Congratulations to Chair Megan Carroll, who, with the help of staff and many volunteers put on a great conference.  Each year, we are seeing steady improvements and the AC is a wonderful metric validating the strength of our Society is as it continues to evolve and improve.

Congratulations to Rita Harrold who received the coveted IES Marks Award and Dr. Jennifer Veitch who received the Medal Award.

Ready Reference Guide App

At the conference, your humble editor downloaded the new Ready Reference Guide to my iPhone and it is one of the best tools the Society has produced in a decade—and it took half that time to produce it.

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