Nexnord Inc. Launches the Most Advanced UVC LED Light

NexNord Inc. “(NexNord”) located in Brantford Ontario Canada is launching its new UVC LED light that really works and kills 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria.

With over 12 years’ experience in LED lighting in various forms, the company has now engineered a “state of the art” UVC light fixtures that can address all applications to successfully kill the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus by inactivating the virus’s RNA which prevents them from replicating and effectively killing or inactivating them.

Originally the technology was developed to address the horticultural market to enhance the growth and quality of plants as well as cannabis plants in any indoor cultivation environment including greenhouses. UVC LED light also kills mold and mites that can damage or destroy plants. As an added benefit, LED lights greatly reduce the total energy costs of any indoor cultivation. However, when the COVID-19 virus hit early last year, NexNord engineers immediately focused their efforts to collecting data and test UVC LED lights on the Coronavirus.

In collaboration with Professor Hadas Mamane of Tel Aviv University in Israel, tests and reports have proven that UVC LED light kills the coronavirus. It was determined, to achieve virus kill rate of 99.9%. To achieve 99.9% efficacy rate, at least 80 watts of UVC LED at 280 Nanometers is required. Further collaboration is now taking place with Professor Mark Hernandez of Colorado University to test NexNord’s LED lights with their world class equipment to provide additional poof of NexNord’s UVC LED lights effectiveness.

NexNord offers several configurations of UVC light fixtures under the “TITAN” series. The UVC lights are available as a portable unit, a hand-held unit, a recessed and surface mount unit. However, the immediate focus is on the Air Duct Ventilation UVC LED light technology. Studies have shown that airborne droplets significantly contribute to the spread of COVID-19 and tests have shown that air duct ventilation systems are the prime carriers of the virus throughout a building. Long Term Care Homes, Schools and Hospitals are particularly vulnerable. And in hockey arena’s, the damp cold air is known to carry the virus further and the virus also lingers at approximately 6 feet above the ice surface.

NexNord’s “TITAN” air duct LED light fixture is designed to be easily mounted 12 inches inside the air intake portion of the air duct system and then wired to the fan motor. It can be mounted on the top of the air duct but the recommendation to install it on the bottom side of the air duct. The fixture should be mounted at 35 degrees angle so as not to disturb the air flow. One 80watt fixture is required for every 2000 CFM ducts. In addition, there is no cutting required into the plenum.

NexNord’s engineers use high-quality, advanced components in all their designs. In addition, with their many years of experience in thermal management and optics, they were able to create the most powerful, robust, and effective UVC light in the germicidal market. The fixtures incorporate a quartz glass lens which allows the UVC light pass through efficiently and protects the LEDs and the circuit board from damage by debris in the air the duct application.

NexNord uses the most technically advanced and powerful Nichia UVC LED chips in all their UV fixtures. Although UVC semiconductors run much hotter than the traditional white light LEDs, NexNord’s engineers designed the fixtures that can keep the operating temperatures of the LEDs to a minimum by employing graphite and aluminum compounds along with multi-directional convectional airflow heatsink to rapidly dissipate all the heat the UVC LEDs generates. Unlike the conventional UVC lamps that require frequent bulb replacement and maintenance which can be very costly and can expose the maintenance crew to UVC light, NexNord’s design allows for high level of UVC performance over the lifespan of the LEDs without any degradation.

NexNord’s focused is not only on the Air Duct fixture, but the company also offers other models such as Portable, Handheld, Recessed and Surface mount versions. Some of these are being utilized in Monterrey and Cedar Sinai hospitals in California to disinfect patients’ rooms, surgical theatres, labs and also to disinfect PPE due to lack of PPE supply.

NexNord has plans to expand and offer its technology to the meat processing plants, grocery stores, restaurants, and bottling facilities as well as large sports arenas, theatres and other large buildings with seating areas.

For more information, please visit our website at or contact Dave Bowen, our Canadian National Sales Manager at [email protected].

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