PacLights is Recruiting Independent Lighting Sales Agency

January 14 [addtoany]

PacLights is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in Commercial and Industrial lighting
fixtures and retrofits. With the help of inventory in multiple distribution centers, PacLights can
fulfill orders faster. PacLights is also an official sponsor of 2017, 2018 and 2019 LightFair (LFI).

We understand the importance of having a resilient and competent operation across the United
States and are always looking to expand our Sales and Distribution network. Here at PacLights, we
have various, unique specification lock products and commodity lines to help you and your team to
turn specialized market expertise into new sales opportunities. We are now accepting applications
from Independent Lighting Sales Agencies in territories throughout the United States.

If your company is specializing in the sale of specification grade commercial and industrial lighting
equipment, please contact us for territory availability.

Look forward to partnering with you.

Please call 800-988-6386 ext 1 (sales)

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