Please Welcome Cooper Lighting Solutions

September 19, 2019 [addtoany]

EXCLUSIVE.  Must Credit EdisonReport.  EdisonReport has learned that the new name for Eaton Lighting is Cooper Lighting Solutions.

At the IES Annual Conference in Louisville earlier this month, a hint was given during the Progress Report. The skit compared the Progress Report to the Mueller Report.  Instead of Anderson Cooper reading the news, it was Cooper Anderson.  Upon hearing the name, one of the Progress Report members commented, “Cooper Anderson?  Cooper!  That’s a nice name.”  Most in the audience did not pick up on the humor, but the ones that did laughed out loud.

We congratulate Cooper Lighting Solutions on a name that makes sense and has immediate recognition and goodwill.  We always think it is a bit dumb when a company changes hands and the first thing they do is downplay or eliminate a very good name:   Motorola, Genlyte and Eaton are a few names that come to mind.

We hope to learn more about the spinoff very soon.