QSSI Announces Retirements

Dear Industry;

It is a great honor to announce the retirement of two long term QSSI Managers ; Marge Holdsworth and Karen Bartley.

They have served QSSI with the utmost in performance and have been ambassadors to the company for many years.

Marge has been our Corporate Marketing Manager for the past 20 years providing turn-key handling of Trade Shows and putting QSSI marketing materials in a special class.

Her product knowledge, business acumen and outgoing personality has cast molds at QSSI for years to come.

Karen has managed several roles at QSSI Corporate including Business Development Manager, purchasing, logistics and all import and export activities. Her untiring dedication to each position has positioned her to become one of the best utility players in our industry.

Karen’s product and systems knowledge, dedication to task completion at the highest level and sharing of information will never be forgotten and will be ever-lasting for years to come.

Both of these wonderful people worked closely with our General Manager ; Anne Potter , who retired last June and that was “3 of a kind to beat any Full House “ !

Our heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation goes out to these wonderful employees and the memories will never be forgotten.

Sincerely & Respectfully;

Rick Edens

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