The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Goes to 5 LED Pioneers

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has announced the 2021 recipients of this prestigious award. The award was given to five pioneers of LED lighting technology:

LED lighting has had many positive effects on both people and the world. The efficiency of LEDs have led to increased sustainability through lower energy consumption and longer product lifespans than previous forms of lighting. LED technology allows the ability to utilize controls including dimming, motion sensors, and monitoring which all contribute to less wasted energy use. There has also been developments of utilizing LED light as a disinfectant to improve the health and hygiene of our buildings and other social areas. Research into how light affects the circadian rhythm of living organisms and how we can use LED technology to improve our biological relationship with light is another positive impact of LED technology. In general, the possibilities of LEDs has led to more awareness about the important role of high quality, efficient light.

The contributions of engineers to our society are invaluable and numerous, which is why this award and its recipients are important to recognize. We would like to congratulate the well deserved winners of the 2021 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.

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