SDA Lighting & Controls Is Making a Major Commitment to Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

June 15, 2020 [addtoany]

(Long Island City, NY, June 15, 2020) SDA Lighting and Controls is making a major commitment to Power over Ethernet, a technology that is a rising star in the lighting world. SDA Controls division will assist in the design and implementation of PoE projects for both building owners and the design community.

PoE is changing the way that building owners optimize the performance and energy management of their buildings. PoE provides a comprehensive approach to a site’s lighting, building controls, energy management and data rich integration with a host of other digital systems. It is a technology that when fully realized and properly implemented will serve as a bridge between lighting and the IOT. Utilizing PoE provides many benefits from a simpler install, energy savings, enhanced safety features, to human-centric lighting.

Until now, there have been many gaps in utilizing PoE for a project. SDA Lighting and Controls will support a PoE project from design to on-site support. “We are seeing the amount of interest in PoE increase rapidly and our controls division will be able to offer all stakeholders in the design and ownership of a project an enhanced level of support for their project. We have seen a wide variety of needs that have not been owned by anyone up to this point on PoE installations from code compliant design to commissioning,” states Melissa Deutsch Stein, CEO of SDA Lighting and Controls.  “We will offer our clients an a la carte menu of options for PoE projects. Some stakeholders have done many PoE projects while for others it is their first. We have spent an immense amount of time to make sure that the fixture manufacturers that we represent have PoE ready fixtures and have tested them with the various PoE systems which has previously been a major issue,” states Melissa Deutsch Stein.

SDA Lighting & Controls is proud to be representing both Platformatics and Smart Engine systems, but are agnostic and are able to support projects using all PoE providers.

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