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3rd Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards

Limited tickets are available for tonight’s Lifetime Achievement Awards, hosted at Marriott Marquis in the Water Tower Room.
Cocktails will be served at 6:30 pm, and the event kicks off promptly at 7:00pm.
The following the living legends will be honored:
Peter Thonrton
Rita Harrold
John Green
Chris Brown
Nancy Clanton
Howard Brandston
Barbara Horton
Mary Beth Gotti
Stan Deutsch

All Indications Call For a Great Show, And We Are Excited To Be In Chicago.

A Few Notes:

  • We rate LIGHTFAIR, Freeman, and the Union an A+ for the move in and set up:   Your humble editor has  talked to about 20 companies so far and we have heard only praise.   A few companies volunteered that it was their best move-in/setup in years.  One union boss boasted to me that they always do a great job, but they were told to be especially nice to our group because they want us back.  We have seen several companies dropping equipment, booths, and literature at the front door with no hassles. 
  • Free WiFi in the show: And it is easy to connect and has been relatively fast. It will likely slow down once the pass is full, but so far so good.
  • Exhibitor’s Bill of Rights: To ensure fairness to exhibitors, McCormick Place has developed an Exhibitor’s Bill Of Rights.
    Employees, of 6 months or more, may perform work on booths of any size, even using power tools.
    Exhibitors may deliver materials using non-commercial vehicles.
    Exhibitors may unload materials using non-electric and non-hydraulic equipment.
    View the Bill of Rights Here
  • Last Minute Shipping: The FedEx office at both the Marriott Marquis and Hyatt charge an additional fee to ship or receive any packages (in some cases, up to $25 per box). The closest Fee-Free FedEx is located at 1242 Canal St., Chicago, IL 60607, in South Loop Marketplace (312) 455-0920.


 Top 10 Must See Products

  • Nichia: Optisolis Ultra High CRI. Booth# 2544
  • Seoul Semiconductor: Sunlike. Booth# 2526
  • Cree: Skylight Technology. Booth# 1412
  • Soraa: ARC Adjustable Luminaire. Booth# 3835
  • LEDRA/Alphabet: NU4RD. Booth# 1648
  • Eulum: ARCANE. Booth# 4472
  • Acuity Brands: Atrius Enabled Luminaires. Booth# 2602
  • Hubbell: NX Distributed Intelligence. Booth# 1125
  • Lunera: Lunera Smart Lamp. Booth# 5445
  • OLEDWorks: Brite 3 FL300. Booth# 4735

BigChinaLED at The Show

No company epitomizes BigChinaLED more than Acuity’s LIGHTFAIR neighbor, James Trading/James Industries. We first saw James Trading at Strategies in Light (pictured above) earlier this year, where they had a 40 x 40 booth in the very front of the show. It really wasn’t a booth as much as it was eight tables thrown together with a bunch of fixtures. Perhaps their booth did not arrive and that very well could be the case. The point is that James Trading is the perfect example of BigChinaLED and its devastating affect on our entire industry.

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