Signify America’s CEO, Kevin Poyck, Explains Their UV-C Strategy

June 26, 2020 [addtoany]

Earlier this week, Signify announced that Boston University had confirmed that the Signify UV-C product kills the virus that causes COVID-19.  Your humble editor discussed the technology in detail with Kevin Poyck, CEO Signify Americas.

In the first segment, Kevin explains how they worked with Boston University on the testing and how quick UV-C actually kills the virus.

Next, Kevin explains about retail applications, including HVAC, disinfecting shopping carts, and even clothes.


There are many unscrupulous companies selling UV-C products with very little concern for safety. In this segment, Kevin talks about certified distributors and discusses what Signify is doing to keep people safe.


In this last segment, Kevin discusses Interact Office and how the software can sense the number of people in an area and help with social distancing.

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