The DLC is Pleased to Release the 2018 Update of the Surveillance Testing Policy

September 11 [addtoany]

Dear DLC Stakeholders,

The DLC is pleased to release the 2018 update of the DLC Surveillance Testing Policy, effective Monday, September 10, 2018. Below is a high-level summary of the largest clarifications and changes to the policy. A more detailed list of changes appears in the Cover Letter, linked below in this email. An updated set of Surveillance Testing FAQs will also be published on the DLC website shortly.

DLC Surveillance Testing Policy: Summary of Major Changes

  • Specifies that products will typically be procured directly from the manufacturer.
  • Stipulates that a manufacturer that has three or more selections in two consecutive rounds, all of which yield passing results, is exempt from having any products selected in the following round.
  • The Table 1 efficacy requirement has changed from -3% to -4%.
  • Provides revisions to Table 2 (Tolerances) to only include light output, system wattage, and CRI.
  • Stipulates that a product must fall within the same ANSI CCT bin from qualification to be considered compliant with Table 1.
  • Includes a new section that addresses compliance of safety coverage requirement resulting from the SSL V4.3 Technical Requirements changes.
  • Clarifies general intent and limitations of consequences from the program.


Download Cover Letter & Summary of Changes


Download Surveillance Testing Policy


If you have any questions about the updated requirements outlined above, please email We appreciate your comments and feedback.

Best regards,

The DLC Team