Watch Now: The Last Watts by The Lighting Agora

The Lighting Agora is hosting  3 days of education entitled, “The Last Watts.”  This morning, Chris Smith-Petersen, of Ecosense Lighting, gave an excellent all-encompassing lighting presentation and it was one of the best education modules I have seen.

The Lighting Agora has several other big-name speakers:

  • Mary Beth Gotti
  • Daniel Blitzer
  • Peter Brown
  • Gerry Cornwell
  • Mark Dietrich
  • Meiling Fong
  • Deborah Gottesman
  • Julie Johnson
  • Clifton Lemon
  • C. Webster Marsh
  • Francois-Xavier Morin
  • Bob Parks
  • Don Peifer
  • Chris Smith-Peterson
  • Mark Roush
  • Randall Whitehead

Cost is $60 per session, but you can use the following discount code and save 25%: ERTLW21.  My suggestion is to sign up for all sessions for $300 ($225 with discount code) and keep it on.  Sign up here. 

If you have any issue signing up, contact [email protected] for access.

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