Welcome to a New Paradigm in Acoustic Lighting–ACOUSTIX from Lumenwerx

February 13, 2020 [addtoany]

Montreal, Canada (February 13, 2020) – Architectural lighting manufacturer Lumenwerx, recently announced the launch of a suite of innovative acoustic luminaires designed to reduce ambient noise for interior spaces. Developed in conjunction with acoustics experts, the new ACOUSTIX family of luminaires combines exceptional optics and precision sound absorbing technology to create a new paradigm in acoustic lighting. The lineup’s flagship fixture, the Audia, can increase sound absorption up to 30% more than competing products.

“With ACOUSTIX, we wanted to create a series of acoustic luminaires that include products the industry had never seen before,’’ said Morris Feldman CEO. “The Audia is patent pending and offers a new look in Acoustics by having a sleek aluminum body, all while out-performing traditional felt fixtures in sound absorption.”

The complete ACOUSTIX lineup includes nine state-of-the-art luminaires, each integrated with one of two sound-dampening systems: precision-machined acoustic felt panels, or the company’s own patent-pending EchoCoreTM. Featured in the Audia, EchoCoreTM uses Helmholtz resonator principles to actively trap sound waves.

According to Michael Simla, CTO of Lumenwerx, “EchoCoreTM represents a real shift forward in discrete sound-dampening technology. A die-cut aluminum external body lets sound waves penetrate the interior of the fixture, where they hit multiple layers of eco-conscious, sound-absorbing material.”

Along with the Audia, the entire ACOUSTIX lineup offers premium sound-absorption, and the exceptional illumination Lumenwerx has built its reputation on. Each fixture includes fully integrated controls and multiple lighting options. Depending on task, layout or budget, designers will find solutions for any space where acoustics control is needed.

“With ACOUSTIX, we’ve really tried to hit a number of functionalities, design aesthetics and price points”, Morris Feldman CEO explained. “Whether you’re renovating, in new construction, or looking for a horizontal, vertical, round or square acoustic solution, we wanted to offer up an intelligent choice for any design scenario”.

The ACOUSTIX lineup follows in the Lumenwerx tradition of collaboration with outside experts to address evolving client need. Watch for more products to come.