Lifetime Achievement Awards: Attardi, Daly, Fite, Selander (posthumous) Warren, Wolfman, Zukerman

Nashville, TN – 17 MAR 2016 – EdisonReport is proud to announce its first Lifetime Achievement Awardees:

  • Bill Attardi
  • John Daly, Sr
  • Mel Fite
  • John Selander (posthumous)
  • Bill Warren
  • Howard Wolfman
  • Jack Zukerman

The ceremony will be held in the courtyard of the Grand Horton Hotel in San Diego on Wednesday, 27 APR form 5pm to 7pm. The time was chose to best accommodate those working the show.   The intent of the awards is to recognize the great people who made significant contributions to our industry in prior generations.

Paul Pompeo of The Pompeo Group, Donny Wall of ALP Lighting, and Sam Sinai of Deco Lighting served as judges.

To recognize these industry legends, EdisonReport is doing what we do best—throwing a party!   And the industry is invited.  The ceremony is public and registration is now open at   Drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served.

We will make toasts to the Award winners and each one of them will take the mic to say a few words. The Horton Grand is a great venue and this will be a fun evening!