What are the odds that LightFair will cancel the 2020 Las Vegas event?

EdisonReport is receiving a lot of inquiries as to our opinion if LightFair will occur as planned 5-7 MAY in Las Vegas.  According to LightFair management everything is a go, but so was Light + Building until it wasn’t.  The coronavirus is the main culprit, but LightFair recently consolidated the floor plan into the upper level and this has caused some to question if companies are pulling out, and if the show will be cancelled.

We confirmed with LightFair management that pre-registration is up 32% as compared to March of 2016–the last west-coast show.  So LightFair is looking forward to a very well-attended event.  Based on the information we have at hand today, we believe the odds are 90% in favor of the show occurring as planned and most other US shows are going forward.

Many of the large manufacturers have smaller booths in Las Vegas as compared to the East Coast, so if a large manufacturer decides not to attend, it won’t have a dramatic affect on the show.  Recall that Light + Building postponed their show immediately after Signify pulled out.  In Las Vegas, Signify has a 20 x 20 booth, as opposed to having a space the size of a small town as they normally do in Frankfurt.  If Signify did pull out, it won’t have a huge effect on the show.

Although LightFair is managed by IMC, two of the owners are IES and IALD.  Both non-profits depend heavily on the LightFair revenue.  So if you follow the money, you will understand why the show needs to go on as scheduled.  However, we know the organizations well and no one will put financial gain above safety.

A strong LightFair is healthy for our organizations and healthy for our industry.  EdisonReport will be there in a big way and we’ll start on Monday evening at Maggiano’s with our 5th Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Your humble editor believes that short of travel bans or quarantines, the show will go on as scheduled.  However, if the coronavirus takes a tragic turn and society as we know it stops, then all bets are off.  But, betting against LightFair in Las Vegas in 2020, is probably not a smart wager.