ATG LED Lighting Presses Ahead with Aggressive Growth Strategy

Montclair, CA  June 18, 2020 – Today, ATG LED Lighting made two significant public announcements. The first announcement concerns major product line extension, while the second focused on the Company’s ongoing efforts to help their agents and customers use their new website to get critical information more quickly and efficiently.

On the product front, ATG LED lighting announced their entrance into the POLES product category. This move allows customers and agents the ability to combine and specify the Company’s poles and luminaires with confidence – knowing that the pre-drilled bolt patterns and color finishes will always match ATG‘s luminaires. This move also eliminates field preparation or drilling and allows ATG to capture sales and market share that would have normally gone to third-party pole manufacturers. At the same time the company has also announced the addition of a new area light, branded the Archer, targeted at the design-and-build/contractor market, which significantly outperforms previous models at a highly competitive price point (

The second major announcement was regarding significantly enhanced services accessed on the Company’s website. These new enhancements allow customers and agents to quickly gain access to critical information on inventories, order status and pricing as well as financing options and rebates. In the first case, ATG announced their customer and agent website portal is fully functional and is now live on the website. This alone will greatly increase efficiencies there by limiting emails and phone calls on every day issues. In the second case, the Company announced two new partnerships designed to make ATG LED the easiest company to do business with. On the subject of financing options, the company announced an agreement with Behalf ( which allows customers to choose their own financing options to increase purchasing power at ZERO cost to them. The second element is the launch of a Utility Rebate Finder (powered by the Rebate Bus). Customers can now find available rebates on all of ATG’s qualifying products anywhere in United States. The combination of these actions allows ATG LED Lighting to execute on their strategic plan and accelerate their growth strategy. For more information, visit ATG’s new website:

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