New DLC Draft Policy: Light Usage for Night Applications (LUNA)

The DLC is pleased to introduce the first draft of the LUNA (Light Usage for Night Applications) requirements: a new policy that establishes performance thresholds for specific categories of outdoor lighting in order to minimize light pollution, provide appropriate visibility for people, and limit negative impacts to the environment. The LUNA requirements aim to help energy efficiency programs, cities and municipalities, and all outdoor lighting decision makers ensure that their selections save energy AND follow best environmental practices for nighttime lighting.

The first draft of LUNA V1 is now available for public comment through the DLC Stakeholder Input Process. Your feedback on the draft is essential for helping the DLC create requirements that identify energy efficient, high quality outdoor lighting that reduces sky glow and light trespass, creates a better outdoor experience for people, and supports a faster path to meeting energy efficiency goals.

Please submit your comments on the draft requirements using the comment form linked below to [email protected] by May 21, 2021.

Learn more about LUNA

Download comment form

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