LEDucation’s Very Successful Day 1

The first in-person day of LEDucation can only be classified as a huge success.  We received the numbers late Tuesday evening:

  • 5365 Total Registered
  • 2400+ Attended in person on Tuesday
  • 3563 Attendees for Monday’s virtual conference combined with Tuesday’s in person conference

The numbers are good but they don’t capture the passion seen at the show.    The attendees and exhibitors are happy, almost gleeful, as the industry begins to roar back.  Lighting designers tell me they have never been busier and that demand seems to be working its way through our many channels as the OEMs say they see a very strong 2022.

EdisonReport visited a few booths yesterday for LightPitch™ and here are those stories.

Primus Lighting:



Summa Systems:

Meteor Lighting:

Glint Lighting:



Cooper Lighting: