Henrik Villumsen Law Firm Assists Clients with Renegotiating Signify LED “Enabled” Patent License Agreements  

May 17, 2022–Henrik Villumsen,  the owner of Henrik Villumsen Law Firm, announced the law firm’s business of assisting clients navigating Signify’s “Enabled” LED patents has been growing steadily since the EdisonReport first reported on the law firm in May of 2017.

Five years ago, assisting clients with re-negotiating the Philips “Enabled” licensing program was a small part of the firm’s business; today it is quite large and growing fast.  

There is a sizable number of Enabled licensees.  Renegotiating patent license agreements can be financially rewarding because:

  • Licensed patents have expired or will expire.
  • The technologies covered by some licensed patents are no longer used in the industry.
  • Some licensed patents are being attacked successfully in various jurisdictions, including in the US and at the European Patent Organization.  

Villumsen stated, “Licensees who may be paying for such expired, outdated or invalidated patents can seek to reduce the royalty burden, and that can be attempted in various ways.”  In addition, he explains that new relevant patents may have been introduced and any such patents need to be taken into consideration. 

Any interested licensees (and others) should feel free to contact Henrik Villumsen at [email protected] for more information. 

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