C-Suite Series at LightFair

Every year your humble editor sits down with executives in our industry to better understand their companies and their strategy.  Below are the C-Suite interviews we conducted at LightFair 2022:

Cooper Lighting Solutions:  Kraig Kasler

0:30 – Give our audience an update on how the two companies are working together.

2:32 – Tell us about what you are doing with 3D printing.

3:33 – How does 3D-printed luminaire process work?

4:33 – What components do you 3D print yourself?

5:13 – Where does the 3D printing take place?

5:32 – What are some other products you are showing at LightFair?

7:06 – What is the state of the lighting economy right now?

8:21 – Will you take any steps to prepare for a possible upcoming recession?

Current:  Chip Taylor

0:19 – Tell us about the integration between Hubbell Lighting and Current.

1:00 – Explain the difference between the GLI and HLI portfolios.

1:45 – Talk about the management team at Current.

3:01 – What is the state of the lighting economy right now?

4:03 – How is Current handling any issues/difficulties relating to business in China.

5:10 – What products are you displaying at LightFair?

PureEdge Lighting:  Gregory Kay

0:17 – Tell us a little bit about who you are.

2:10 – Tell us about the two products that won innovation awards.

4:08 – What is RGB + TW?

6:54 – How important is the lighting designer to your business?

7:56 – How are supply chain issues affecting you?

8:12 – Are we headed towards a recession?

StrongLED:  Lawrence Lin

0:47 – What is StrongLED?

1:37 – How has StrongLED been investing in the science of lighting?

3:05 – How do you utilize AI, IoT, and cloud computing?

4:36 – What is the scale of your projects?

7:33 – How does your system help nightshift workers?

10:46 – What kind of fixtures do you produce to help with circadian rhythms?

13:40 – Tell us about your research with circadian rhythms and body temperature.

17:50 – In your research, do you work with any organizations like the WELL Building Institute?

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