LightFair is back, and one of the most unexpected benefits was CROWDS!  Show Manager, Dan Darby told us to expect about 10,000 people, but he did not tell us to expect them all at one time. Today, the show was jam-packed, and it was refreshing!  It is by far the largest crowd of people I have seen since the pandemic, and LightFair felt like a happy reunion featuring relatives that you like and want to see.

The crowd was in a good mood, and it reminded me of LightFair of many years ago, but before it got so big and so crazy. It just felt manageable for all aspects.

There are no extravagant, over the top, HUGE booths this year, but there are large booths and they are well done.  LightFair gave their best big booth(1000 sq ft+) to Bukas Lighting, #3343.

Blackjack LLI, RBG received the best booth for 400-900 sq. ft.

Viso won for 200-300 sq ft, #1321.

lumentruss was the best small booth (100 sq ft), #2268.  You have heard of luminares that appear three dimensional–their booth appeared three dimensional.

Our team thought that LEDVANCE had a nice booth. It was huge and very well laid-out. It stood out in the crowd, but was still elegant.

RAB Lighting had the most unusual booth, in that they displayed four blocks of melting ice with their QR code inside.  I did not think this was a good use of the space, but every time I went to take a picture, it was always full of people taking pictures. Finally, I got a shot after the show ended.

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