The History of WAGO Confirms its Leadership in Connection Technology

Since it was founded 70 years ago, WAGO has been a reliable source of connection solutions for many industries. From its inception, innovation, product development, and dynamism have been the hallmark of the company.

The use of spring pressure connection technology in electronic ballasts and capacitor terminal blocks provided WAGO with an entry into the lighting industry in the 1960s. A decade later, WAGO’s developments changed the markets in the 1970s with the CAGE CLAMP® transforming connection technology for all conductor types, proving its versatility even in the smallest spaces with the addition of front-entry wiring.

In the 1980s, the CAGE CLAMP® technology conquered the market. The product portfolio was expanded, and licensees, for fuses, relays, or sensors, used the WAGO CAGE CLAMP® for device connections. In addition, with its EEx e II certification, CAGE CLAMP® satisfied those working with hazardous conditions.

The 1990s marked the most extensive expansion in the company’s history. A new facility was founded in the former East Germany, and international locations were added in the UK, India, China, and Italy. Following the expiration of the patent, the CAGE CLAMP® hit the ground running with its motto, “If you are already using spring pressure connection technology, then stick to the original.” In addition, the introduction of the modular, fieldbus-independent I/O system in 1995 provided WAGO with an entry into the market for automation technology components.

In 2001, WAGO celebrated its golden anniversary and in March 2003, the successful buy-back from Spirent PLC made WAGO was once again a one-hundred-percent family-owned business. The second revolution in spring pressure connection technology came with the development of new rail-mount terminal blocks with Push-In CAGE CLAMP® technology. With the TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with Push-in CAGE CLAMP®, WAGO improved the existing spring pressure connection technology, becoming the market standard. The accreditation of its own test laboratory also provided evidence of WAGO’s comprehensive testing ability.

Today, with the world caught up in the challenges and opportunities represented by digitalization, WAGO can be found at the epicenter. WAGO continues to develop automation solutions that focus on openness and flexibility. It continues to open pioneering paths in process automation just like the DIMA (Decentralized Intelligence for Modular Applications) in 2014. Products in electrical interconnection technology also continues to be developed.

WAGO is exhibiting several products during LightFair including:

  • 221 Series Lever-Nuts Inline
    • Connects solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors from 20-12 AWG in the feedthrough direction
    • Slim design minimizes dimensions for installation in tight spaces
    • Easy to use
    • Tool-free connection and disconnection thanks to the convenient lever technology
  • 2773 Series Wallnuts
    • Connects solid and stranded conductors
    • Eliminates wrists and finger strain—no twisting, crimping or taping
    • Up to 50% faster to terminate wires
    • Compact design—the smallest in the industry

Visit WAGO in Booth #1613.

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