ACE LEDS Introduces The Pencil™ Programmable Dimming LED Driver

The Future is Small. Smart. And Full of Power

Dallas, TX – July 1, 2022ACE LEDS has introduced the industry’s narrowest, shortest height form factor, The PencilTM Programmable LED Driver. Designed small for architectural lighting applications, this powerful driver is programmable, has Deep Dimming capabilities, and has a voltage output range more than three times wider than any of the competitors.

The PencilTM Programmable Deep-Dimming LED Driver is the smallest form factor available, measuring in at just 0.75 inches wide by 0.75 inches high, and includes a 30 Watt model featuring a voltage range 3X wider than any of their competitors’ drivers.

ACE LEDS prides themselves on being the forerunner of LED driver innovation and anticipating emerging industry needs. The creation of The PencilTM Programmable LED Driver fits this bill.

As architectural lighting trends continue to change, ACE LEDS recognized the need for a small, smart, powerful form factor that could drive sophisticated architectural design. They successfully developed this incredibly small but incredibly powerful driver that actually helps design engineers do their job better by allowing them to create lighting innovations that couldn’t have existed before.

“ACE LEDS is used to modifying existing drivers to fit our client’s needs, but The PencilTM Programmable LED Driver is special,” said Dwayne Hillman, President of ACE LEDS. “Not only is it the shortest height, narrowest driver on the market, but we also got rid of unnecessary dimming options while keeping a range of voltage that’s three times wider than our competitors’ drivers. I gotta say, in 26 years in the business, this is the most exciting product we’ve ever had.”

The PencilTM Programmable LED Driver fits lighting fixtures that other drivers simply can’t, which holds great appeal to lighting designers. But what makes The PencilTM a clearly unique driver is its additional smart performance.

Here’s how The Pencil packs a powerful punch:

First, knowing the large majority of commercial linear fixtures only use 0-10V dimmers, the LED technology experts at ACE LEDS found they could keep The PencilTM Programmable LED Driver dimmers in this range and get rid of other unnecessary dimming options.

This left room for wider voltage output coverage and allowed them to include Deep Dimming functionality (100% down to 0.5% to Off). These are innovations no other driver has successfully incorporated.

The KO?

Because the size of The PencilTM Programmable LED Driver is so short and narrow, and the voltage range is so large, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can lower their overall inventory and save up to 15% on manufacturing costs. – pencil

That’s what cutting edge looks like.

ACE LEDS brings you power where you need it most.

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It’s all about bringing the power. ACE LEDS is at the forefront of LED driver innovation, ever-adapting our solutions and crafting new technologies to empower you with what you need when you need it. We specialize in providing models that feature smaller form factors, cost-effective design, and unmatched reliability. In addition to our broad catalog of LED Drivers and Emergency Drivers, we also offer LED Modules, designed and built in Texas, where we can adapt our products to your specific requirements. For more information, visit

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