Rocco Masella Named President of Sternberg Lighting

Your humble editor spoke with François-Xavier Souvay, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of LMPG, the parent company of Lumenpulse.  FX confirmed that Rocco Masella is the new president of Sternberg Lighting and has replaced Mark Dean who has left the company.  FX explained that Rocco taking over is a natural evolution for his career as he has nearly 8 years of experience with LMPG, consisting of over five years with Exenia in Florence, and 2.5 years with Sternberg.  Rocco will work closely with Mike Renner, the VP of Marketing & Sales.  FX explained that under Rocco’s leadership, Sternberg will invest massively in new products and innovations.

On a different note, FX told me they continue looking for great companies, stating, “We are always looking for creative minds and companies that have the right personnel and the right fit for our group.”   He also talked about their three-year growth plan where the priority is new product development, and companies they acquire must have the passion for innovation. 


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