AAILA Publishes Training Module: “Relationships and Expectations of Primary Stakeholders”


As a manufacturer, do you ever wonder what your agent’s expectations are related to your partnership? Or, as an agent, do you ever wonder what your manufacturer’s expectations are related to your partnership?

The American Association of Independent Lighting Agents (AAILA) is pleased to deliver these insights exclusively to our membership as part of the Lighting Agency Basics series produced in partnership with The Lighting Exchange®.

This module – “Relationships and Expectations of Primary Stakeholders”, provides first-hand accounts from agents and manufacturers about what makes a strong partnership. If you are looking for ways to benchmark your company and ensure you are delivering what is needed, please watch this module.

Here are the individual segments:

What does an Agency expect of its Manufacturers?

How do you want to receive product training from your manufacturers?

What happens when shipping expectations are not met and why is good communication so important?

What types of marketing materials do you need in order to be a successful digital marketer?

What does a Manufacturer expect of its Agents?

What does a Customer (Owner/End-User/Specifier etc.) expect of a Lighting Agency?

What does a Customer (Owner/End-User/Specifier etc.) expect of a Manufacturer?

AAILA’s commitment to our membership is to develop and deliver content that is unique for our channel in an effort to strengthen our partnership and grow our business together. The information presented in this module can make an immediate impact on your business relationships.

If you are an Agency or Lighting Manufacturer that is not a member of AAILA, join now to immediately have access to all produced content as well as principal networking opportunities currently being planned.

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