Edison Price Lighting Issues Unusual Press Release

Update, 12 SEP, 2:24 p.m:  I reached out to Mark Roush, and his response was, “I am no longer in a position to respond as I separated my ties with Edison Price Lighting and its owners, Elite Lighting, in early July.”

Proofreading is important and this morning we read a press release issued by Edison Price Lighting that simply looks like it was released without being reviewed.

“Edison Price has made the decision to move Edison Price Lighting to two brand-new, sustainable facilities. Its offices, formerly located in Long Island City, have relocated to Manhattan at the address 1407 Broadway # 2321, New York, as of Sept. 6, 2022.”

First of all, we don’t think that 1407 Broadway is a “brand-new, sustainable” facility.  According to Property Shark, that “brand-new” building was built in 1950–two years before Edison Price Lighting was founded.

As far as being a “sustainable” facility, the website, 1407Broadway-NY.com shows the property with an ENERGY STAR rating of 70. According to the ENERGY STAR website, to be eligible for ENERGY STAR certification, a building must earn an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher.

Also, after EdisonReport published on 2 SEP, that Edison Price Lighting had been evicted from Long Island City location, Edison Price sent out an email on that same day, 2 SEP, claiming that they had ‘already moved’—meaning before the eviction. The current press release says they moved as of 6 SEP—meaning after the eviction.

The next sentence is incomplete:

“With great excitement, EPL can announce that the new 25,000-square-foot manufacturing facility will be up and running by Oct. 1. Edison Price looks forward to hosting its loyal clients, agents, and others at its new corporate headquarters.”

We were told on 3 SEP by an insider at EPL that the facility would be in California, yet the press release makes no mention of the location of the new manufacturing facility.  If one is issuing a press release announcing a new manufacturing facility and new headquarters, one would think it would be important to tell the audience at least the state the headquarters is located.  We have also been told that the Elite Lighting, the owner of Edison Price Lighting, has recently procured manufacturing space in a maquiladora in the Tijuana area.

And perhaps the most troubling statement of all is:

“EPL is also converting to a new ERP system, which simplifies reporting and allows its clients to efficiently access information online regarding product status, inventory, and pricing.”

Can’t you just hear the discussion in a planning meeting:  “OK, let’s not pay the rent, get evicted, move across the country, hire and train new manufacturing employees, allow Rick Shaver to retire and while we are at it, let’s convert to a new ERP system for good measure.” 

Read the Edison Price Lighting announcement here.

We attempted to contact Edison Price Lighting to discuss this article but there was no answer (no automated attendant, no voice mail) at the main number listed on their website 718-685-0700. 






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