ArchLIGHT Summitt: The NAILD Oath-of-Office

NAILD co-located their annual convention with the ArchLIGHT Summit in Dallas this week.   NAILD President Brian Amundson welcomed the attendees and discussed a few highlights during his term:

  • Increase in membership
  • Restoring Darkness podcast won 2 awards
  • Rebranded LS Evolve and it has 78 different modules, which is free to new members and is released monthly

Brian passed the gavel to incoming president, Jeff Nefouse and for the first time ever in any of my work with associations, there was a swearing-in ceremony, with an oath-of-office.  I have never seen an oath in our industry but it was very well received:

I, Jeff Nefouse, do solemnly swear to uphold and enforce the bylaws of NAILD, and to execute all duties of the president of the board to the best of my abilities.  I swear I will not abuse this position, the association as a whole, or any of its members for personal gain.  I promise to show due respect to the members of the board and to always act with their advice and best interests in mind. I accept this gavel as a symbol of the authority being granted to me. Thank you all.

Thanks to The Lighting Agora’s Tom Butters for forwarding the oath to me.

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