Legal Notice Update: Eran Financial Services Versus Morelux Lighting

Boca Raton, FL (September 20, 2022) — In August of 2021, Eran Financial Services (EFS) initiated legal proceedings against the Chinese entity Morelux Lighting Mfg. Ltd. and its affiliates. We would like to bring you up to date on recent events and address rumors.

It comes to EFS attention that Morelux Lighting Mfg. Ltd. and its affiliates have represented that the litigation initiated by Eran Financial Services against Morelux and other affiliates of Morelux has been resolved in Morelux’s favor.  This is patently false.

On the contrary, just recently, on September 6, 2022, the United States Federal Court in Florida presiding over the case authorized Eran Financial Services to proceed with its claims against Morelux and its affiliates even though — for the better course of a year — one of the Morelux defendants based in China has attempted to evade service of Eran Financial Services’ Complaint.  EFS has filed claims in the Florida court against Morelux and Morelux affiliates for breach of contract, trade secret violations, theft and various other corporate claims. EFS intends to vigorously prosecute these claims against the defendants.

“We have full trust and confidence in our United States judicial system. After 13 months of the defendants attempting to evade service, we are finally looking forward to having our case adjudicated. EFS intends to make it abundantly clear that the unlawful theft and misuse of tooling, machinery, intellectual property & trade secrets, notwithstanding the numerous contractual obligations, including non-competes, client confidentially and malicious slander. This conduct and the total disregard for US law is something our industry, nor any industry, should ever tolerate”.

– Shai Levitin, Founder

Eran Industrial is a custom manufacturer and private labeler specializing in the design, engineering, tooling, production, logistics and financial services for lighting products and industrial components around the world.