Force Partners and Cooper Lighting Solutions Conclude Relationship

On Friday we received a call from Brian Dauskurdas, Principal of Force Partners. Brian explained that Cooper Lighting Solutions and Force Partners had decided to amicably conclude their relationship.  He explained that Force will continue to represent Cooper for the remainder of the calendar year. Read the Force Partners announcement below:


Approximately 30 minutes later, we received a call from Cooper Lighting Solutions stating the same thing. Read the Cooper Lighting Solutions announcement below:

Cooper Lighting Solutions Chicago Market Letter 11-10-22

Almost two years ago Force Partners sued KSA Lighting:  War in Chicago. Force Partners, the Cooper Lighting Rep, Sues KSA Lighting and Acuity Lighting.  
On 15 Jun, we published KSA’s response to the suit:   Chicago Wars Heating up for Summer; KSA Responds to Force Partners.  We provided an update to the story earlier this year on 1 MAR:  Update on Chicago Wars! Force Partners vs KSA Lighting, Acuity Brands