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Axis Lighting Launches BalancedCare™ MRI Series

Axis Lighting Launches BalancedCare; MRI Series. Decorated with jungle animals.

Luminaires promote sense of calm while unique power supply system simplifies installation

Lasalle, QC Canada (December 19, 2022) BalancedCare by Axis Lighting is launching the MRI Series designed around today’s LED technology to provide a fresh approach to MRI lighting. The non-ferrous luminaires support consistent architectural design throughout the facility while still meeting Military Standard 461G to create a balance between aesthetics, visual comfort and lighting performance.

To make things simpler for customers, the luminaires include an easy-to-install Remote Power Supply (RPS) system – complete with the necessary filters, drivers and wiring needed to safely operate. RPS houses low-wattage drivers that require smaller filters, which produce less noise and are less expensive than traditional larger filters. Customers no longer need to source filters from third-party suppliers. One-stop-shopping for a plug’n’play solution – MRI lighting made simple.

RPS also features Silent Source technology, an all-inclusive approach that reduces the noise responsible for unwanted artifacts in scanned images. RPS is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the MRI room, including reduction of Electromagnetic Interference.

“By listening to the Voice of the Customer when we engineered and designed these luminaires, we can better meet their needs and expectations, and improve the products we manufacture,” commented Colette Fleming, BalancedCare director of healthcare. “The very nature of an MRI room is intimidating; designing for this application goes beyond meeting the required light levels. It’s about creating a sense of calm by introducing biophilic elements, while providing safe operation among all the sensitive equipment in the room,” added Fleming.

The robust series includes:

  • MRI Pixel Downlights – a sleek modern alternative to round recessed downlights;
  • MRI Beam Recessed – a timeless architectural slot alternative to lay-in troffers commonly used for general ambient illumination in MRI applications;
  • MRI Flexible Ambient – provides pleasant ambient illumination through a choice of Lambertian or batwing distributions, ideal in the MRI suite;
  • MRI Sketch® Curved Recessed – whether surrounding the ceiling in a round, rectangular or arc shape, the BalancedCare Sketch Curved Recessed offers the ability to create soft curves of light, a design feature to promote calm and ease anxiety during procedures;
  • MRI Undercabinet – features the company’s signature wafer-thin design, non-ferrous construction and BeWell lightguide technology, optimizing lumen output while providing sharp cutoff distribution;
  • MRI Sconcesprovide an added layer of light combining aesthetics, function and flexibility – scalable to any room within the MRI suite, from prep room to scanning room to control room.
  • MRI Tranquility Series – offers three types of luminous ceiling looks: a unique 3D effect, a continuous uninterrupted luminous image, and an elegant, regressed skylight, in addition to decorative sconces, all of which display stunning graphics that support patient and staff comfort through biophilic design.  

BalancedCare MRI luminaires provide timeless, stylized forms concealing sophisticated technologies that complement and enhance today’s architecture. The luminaires’ sleek, low-profile styles replace mundane, institutional looks of the past, emphasize aesthetics, and elevate MRI lighting design to today’s standards.

About BalancedCare

BalancedCare by Axis Lighting addresses specific challenges of healthcare lighting with modern architectural design that incorporates high-performing optics and controls abilities while also meeting infection control standards, and are easy to install and maintain. Extensive industry research led to the robust product line, unique attributes, and well-thought engineering and design. For more information, please visit or follow @BalancedCare.

 About Axis Lighting

Axis Lighting is a Canadian-based and family-owned LED luminaire manufacturer. Founded in 1991, the company’s diverse product lines transcend the ordinary and exceed the norm. The company’s LED luminaires provide solutions for many markets, including office, educational, cultural, and retail. For more information, please visit or follow @AxisLighting.