Lynk Labs Recognized As Leading Innovator In 2022 By Crains Chicago Business – Again!

ELGIN, Ill., January 3, 2023 — Lynk Labs, Inc. (“Lynk Labs”), a leading technology innovator in the field of LED lighting and consumer electronics has been recognized for a second time as one of Crain’s Most Innovative Companies in 2022.    

Lynk Labs was also voted as 3rd most innovative company by Crains back in 2017.  For 2022, Crains Most Innovative Companies list includes icons and startups that are employing artificial intelligence, LEDs, cloud computing, Big Data and the internet of things to reinvent themselves, adapt to changing needs or solve new problems. 

Crains ranking is based on the quality of patents awarded last year to Chicago companies, as assessed by Ocean Tomo, an advisory, investment-banking and consulting firm specializing in intellectual property.  “I’m honored to have Lynk recognized once again as a leading innovator for its patented technologies.  Lynk has made significant investment for decades innovating and pioneering technologies that are today standards in the fields of LED lighting, Smart Phones, Tablets, TV’s, and more.  Lynk’s patented technologies can be found throughout the LED lighting industry and consumer electronics products, said Miskin.”   

The full Crains article on Lynk Labs can be found here at on Lynk Labs website and the full Crains article on all the top innovators of 2022 can be found at

About Lynk Labs
Lynk Labs is a leading innovator of patented technologies in the field of LED lighting and Consumer Electronics. Lynk manufactures and sells LED components, devices and systems for lighting OEMs. Lynk holds more than 65 US and international patents that are available under the company’s active licensing program.  For information on Lynk Labs patents visit  For licensing opportunities, contact Lynk Labs at 1-847-783-0123.  For additional product and company information, please visit

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