Q-Tran Declares Materials Matter

Q-Tran earns Declare labels.

Milford, CT – Connecticut-based lighting manufacturer Q-Tran, Inc., has announced that the vast majority of their lighting products meet new sustainability standards by receiving Declare labels. The publication of 16 Declare labels highlights Q-Tran’s strong commitment to sustainability and transparency, marking a significant milestone in the company’s sustainability efforts.

Understood as “The Nutrition Label for Products,” Declare labels set a new standard in sustainable design, focused on manufacturing transparency and tracking the lifecycle of materials to shape a healthier and sustainable environment for all. Issued by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), Declare labels provide an important level of transparency by disclosing all product ingredients, allowing specifiers to quickly identify products that meet their needs to make an informed decision.

Q-Tran understands that product specifiers are increasingly looking for transparency in products, whether it’s to verify point of origin, to understand environmental impacts, or to minimize exposure to toxic ingredients. Adding the Declare labels to Q-Tran’s portfolio is another step toward fulfilling their vision of illuminating human-friendly and eco-conscious living spaces.

“The building industry’s expectations of products is changing. We recognize that and feel strongly about embracing thoughtful and sustainable manufacturing practices. These Declare labels are a major achievement, advancing our goal of Q-Tran being a meaningful part of the sustainable lighting movement,” said Gean Tremaine, President, Q-Tran. “This is only one component of our sustainability initiatives. We’re committed to continuing our material transparency efforts across our entire product line, and continuing to refine our business operations to better support sustainability.”

To date, Q-Tran has received Declare labels for the following products: VERS, Linear Fixtures, Encapsulated Fixtures, Extrusions, MICRO 5 Rigid, Encapsulated & Flexible Fixtures, Q-CAP, all LEDs, and Q-SHEETS. To learn more about Q-Tran’s commitment to product transparency and current Declare products, visit: q-tran.com.

Q-Tran is an industry leader who applies high standards, innovative design, and dedication to producing the highest quality products. Q-Tran proudly designs and manufactures lighting solutions in Milford, Connecticut.