Inside Sales Associate – Alva Lighting

Job Description – Inside Sales Associate

ALVA LIGHTING is a leader in high-performance decorative lighting for the commercial market.  Based in California, ALVA offers best-in-class light fixtures for multi-family, healthcare, and the commercial architecture community.  ALVA is seeking a part-time Inside Sales Associate.  The position may become full-time.  ALVA embraces remote working and focuses on hiring the best people for each position.

To learn more about ALVA visit: WWW.ALVALIGHT.COM

Responsibilities Include:

  • Quote projects
  • Maintain detailed quote report.  Track quotes, contact agents for updates on outstanding quotes.  Keep detailed log of all jobs closed/lost.
  • Handle sample requests from agents. 
  • Find opportunities for multi-family residential housing.  Google new buildings going up, find out who architect/contractor/developer is.
  • Leads.  This person will handle all incoming leads, disperse accordingly.
  • Project photography.  Work with agents to get projects photographed.
  • Ability to effectively work both independently and as part of a team. 

A Good Inside Sales Associate has:

  • Positive attitude: Sales Associates are front facing employees who interact directly with customers. A positive attitude is key.
  • Self-motivation: When not helping customers, excellent Sales Associates keep themselves busy by handling other tasks without needing to be told to do so by a manager.  As this position will likely be remote, it’s very important the candidate is self-motivated. 
  • Knowledge: Great Sales Associates know details about the products available for purchase and can answer customer questions when asked.
  • Problem-solving capabilities: Sales Associates may have to handle an unhappy customer from time to time. Knowing how to solve problems quickly and confidently is a great skill for a Sales Associates to have.
  • Confidence: Excellent Sales Associates are confident in their skills and happy to engage with customers to ensure they have a great shopping experience.
  • Sales ability: In addition to tasks like completing transactions and ensuring the store is well-maintained, Sales Associates should have some sales abilities and entice customers to make purchases.

Salary commensurate with experience.  Please send resumes to:  [email protected]