Problem Solved! Printer Issues are Overcome, Attendees Welcomed with Blank Name Tags

Update 2:15pm ET  

Great news! The printers are now running smoothly, and individuals who initially arrived without a badge are easily heading back and retrieving their badges without any hassle or delay.

Update 11:18am ET 

The showroom floor is now filling up with a lively crowd, becoming quite crowded.

The crowds are starting to flood in
Get ready for the influx! The crowds are flooding in.


Update at 11:08 am ET

El Ha Gahn, a manufacturer, expressed his disbelief, stating that it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever witnessed. He endured a 45-minute wait in line just to receive a handwritten badge. Bill Attardi added that the time spent waiting in line for his badge surpassed the duration of his journey from New Jersey to the convention center.

El Ha Gahn showing his handwritten badge
El Ha Gahn showing his handwritten badge.


Update 10:23am ET

In a positive turn of events, the organizers effectively resolved the issue. As a practical solution, they have decided to distribute blank name tags to attendees, allowing them to gain entry to the show. Margaret Wong and Don Reid have already received their blank badges and are now proceeding towards the show floor, ready to enjoy themselves at the event!


Margaret Wong showing her blank badges.