LightPitch™ 2023: See the Latest From Construlita, Sourcery, MetroSpec, LEDVANCE, Amerlux, Lumenture, Keystone, Alphalite and Kenall.


Editor Randy Reid conducts LightPitch™ at LightFair 2023.  

First up is Construlita, with Juan Carlos, who shares the journey of Construlita’s well-established lighting company of 40 years.

Next up is Paul Boken, from Sourcery, who shares about groundbreaking content and planning management tools tailored for the lighting industry. 

Our next LightPitch™ comes from Vic Holec of MetroSpec, showcasing their award winning products.

Our fourth LightPitch™ comes from Alex Truong, from LEDVANCE, who presents to Randy their latest EV electrical charging station.

Next is Bill Plageman, VP of Marketing at Amerlux, who showcases an exciting range of downlights for seamless architectural integration.

Our sixth LightPitch™ comes from Peter Coleman, from Lumenture, who share with Randy the 3 things that set Lumenture apart from the rest.

Our next LightPitch™ comes from Andrina Ortiz, of Alphalite, who sheds light on Alphalite’s exceptional ILA Fixtures.

Second to last, Nick Baranowski, of Keystone Technologies, introduces us to optic swap technology.

And wrapping things up, Nate Heiking, of Kenall Lighting, introduces us to an outstanding parking garage product and more.

Today was an exciting day at LightFair, showcasing a variety of innovative new products.

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