Videos: 8th Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards Speeches

Mark Benguerel
Mark Benguerel

EdisonReport celebrated the 8th Annual Lifetime Awards this week. 

Lance Bennet emceed’ the 8th Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards which was hosted by Synergy NYC.  Intra Lighting, Lamar and Signify sponsored the event.  Donny Wall, Nancy Clanton, and Shirley Coyle were judges.  

The first honoree was Mark Benguerel, of Finelite who was introduced  by Melinda Beltz. 

The next honoree was Larry Bloch of OEM Lighting Sales. Larry was unable to join due to illness.  He was introduced by George Dieckman who received the certificate on Larry’s behalf.  

The third honoree was Cheryl English, who recently retired from Acuity Brands and she was introduced by Shirley Coyle. 

The fourth honoree was Lisa Heschong, author of Visual Delight in Architecture and she was introduced by Nancy Clanton.  

The fifth honoree was Becky Rainer, who recently retired from Cooper Lighting Solutions and Becky was introduced by Lance Bennett. 

The sixth honoree was Dr. Alan Lewis, past president of The New England College of Optometry, and he was introduced by Nancy Clanton. 

The seventh honoree was Steven Rosen, of Available Light, who was introduced by Matt Zelkowitz. 

 The next honoree was Suzan Tillotson, principal of Tillotson Design Associates, who was introduced by Erin Dreyfous. 

 The ninth honoree was John Tremaine of Q-Tran who was introduced by Don Reid.  

Our final honoree, was Larry Comer, which was very tough because it is posthumous. Donnie Miller introduced his daughter Sarah Comer who accepted the certificate on her father’s behalf.