Pittsburgh Rep Sues Elite Lighting for Non-Payment of Commissions

The original contract between Repco and Elite is dated 20 NOV 2014, with an Addendum dated 15 APR 2022.

According to the suit Repco has fulfilled all its obligations under the Agreement, including actively promoting Elite’s Products, which has resulted in substantial sales. However, Elite has failed and refused to perform its obligations, specifically the payment of commissions owed under the Agreement. Elite’s non-payment of commissions is the primary issue in this case.

Repco has requested relevant sales, invoicing, and supply information from Elite. However, according to the suit, Elite has failed and refused to provide the necessary information, which is crucial for calculating the commissions owed to Repco.

Despite the lack of complete information, Repco has determined, based on available invoicing data, that Elite owes at least $200,000 in commissions. Additionally, Repco believes that Elite has withheld invoicing information that would increase the owed amount to over $280,000.

The Repco line card lists 180 manufacturers and Elite Lighting is still on the list. 

According to the suit, Elite has continued to refuse to provide the necessary information or pay the commissions owed. Elite’s actions are considered a breach of the Agreement and a willful repudiation of their contractual obligations.

As a result of Elite’s breach, Repco is requesting damages exceeding $280,000, injunctive relief as necessary, pre and post-judgment interest, and any other remedies deemed appropriate by the court.

Repco has asked for a jury trial.