Henrik Villumsen: Signify’s Enabled LED Patent Licenses Agreements Continue to Grow

Approximately one year ago, EdisonReport published an article regarding the involvement of Henrik Villumsen Lawfirm in assisting clients with the renegotiation of Signify Enabled LED patent license agreements. 
Recently, Henrik Villumsen shared that the number of Enabled licensees has seen a subsequent increase of approximately 100, bringing the total count to around 1500 licensees. 
As a result, the law firm has experienced notable growth throughout 2023. Additionally, Signify’s decision to almost double the number of patents in their Enabled program in September 2022 has added complexity for licensees. 
Villumsen extends an invitation to all licensees to seek advice and guidance. For further information, please feel free to contact Henrik Villumsen at [email protected].