IES Refers EdisonReport Editor to Ethics Committee for RP 46 Article

On 24 AUG, I penned an article, “RP-46: Unveiling the IES’s Tumultuous Path to Circadian Entrainment.” This piece scrutinized the methodology employed by the IES Light & Human Health Committee in the formulation of RP 46. The in-depth analysis touches upon a range of issues including conflicts of interest, the bullying of a committee member, and concerns surrounding the Public Review procedure, among others. You can read the complete article here.

On 1 SEP, I received an email from IES President Billy Tubb, stating, “The language used to describe the IES processes as “bizarre questionable practices”, “convoluted mess” is seen as showing a lack of respect for your fellow members, IES staff, and the integrity of the IES.”

The letter states that your humble editor may be in violation of IES Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct; “Members and volunteers must not engage in any conduct that compromises the reputation or integrity of the IES or the integrity, validity, or security of the IES programs”. The irony is that my article shows the leadership of the Light & Human Health Committee may be in violation of conduct that compromises the reputation and the integrity of the IES.

The letter states that an Ethics Report has been filed outlining misrepresentations of the IES process and procedures, former staff, and violation of confidentiality expected during the ANSI Public Review for all content related to a draft document. 

But if you read my article, I state, “When I purchased the document from IES, which was an extremely complex process, I was told by IES Staff that I could not share any specific details of the document. This report could have been more complete, if I could have cited specific lines of gobbledygook in the RP.”

I wanted to go through the document chapter and verse and point out its bias, but in an effort to not violate confidentiality, I left that out. I do plan to write about the document in detail at a later date.

If there exists a media platform more dedicated to championing the IES than the EdisonReport, it remains unknown to me. Over its nearly quarter-century history, this column has fervently backed the Society’s initiatives. In fact, EdisonReport was originally founded in 1999, during my tenure as the Society’s treasurer, with the specific aim of rallying industry support for LightFair, a crucial revenue stream for IES.

I have supported and advocated for the IES almost to a fault. But, IES is not perfect, and, on the first occasion in 25 years where I publicly disagree with the Society, they send me to the principal’s office!

Now more than ever, IES needs our support, so please keep paying your dues and volunteering!